TOKYO–Weeks after the tsunami and incidents at the Fukushima nuclear facilities, Japan is still suffering in the aftermath. In the past week, the death count on Tamagotchis has risen past 15,000 and the toll is steadily increasing.

Japanese authorities are unsure how they should respond. Many Tamagotchis have been abandoned and unfed for weeks, and are suffering from high levels of radiation poisoning. Baby Tamagotchis, Teenage Tamagotchis, and Adult Tamagotchis have all been affected by the disasters.

“We’re seeing them drop left and right,” said a Saa Maita, a Japanese Official. “We’ve been on the ground trying to evaluate the situation, but it seems there is not much we can do.”

The United States is planning to send over thousands of tweens to take care of the abandoned and injured Tamagotchis, but officials worry this may be too little too late.

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