Despite section having ended a full seven minutes prior, this reporter can confidently state that the students of TA Maria Bliff’s section for HISTORY 164: The Politics of Middle Europe remain trapped in their seats at 6:27pm around the circular arrangement of tables in room 200-204.

While Ms. Bliff continues to ask this class lengthy questions about the Romanian Crisis of 1742, the students exchange glances with each other, wondering if someone should interrupt and notify their TA that section has been over for several long minutes. “I checked my syllabus, just to make sure section didn’t end ten minutes later than I thought, but the ending time on the class syllabus is 6:20pm, just like I remembered,” said section student Clare Milbrey in a whispered interview, “we have to get out of here.”

“I started to conspicuously put away my notebooks and zip up my backpack, hoping that she would take the hint and look at the clock, but she just kept going” said Martin Albertson, another student, “I wish someone would just tell her, but I don’t want to be that guy.”

It remains to be seen when, if ever, the students of Section 2 will be released from section, but as of press time Ms. Bliff shows no signs of ending in the next few minutes, having just turned to address an entirely different part of the assigned reading.

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