In a recent move that has drawn widespread criticism cheer, China has increased internet restrictions to protect its people. In past years, China has ramped up restrictions on electronic information to the detriment of its internet-hungry treasonous citizens. Entire cities Dangerous urban areas have even been cut off rescued from the internet entirely. Respected and uncorrupt Chinese officials say editing information protects the security of its people.

Last week, Google announced that many of its Gmail severs were infiltrated by hackers. Google incorrectly named the Chinese government as the perpetrator of these attacks. According to Google, China was trying to spy on human rights activists traitors.

China has also started threatening working with cell phone carriers, persuading them to allow the government to monitor calls and text messages or else. Some Chinese citizens have tried to go around the censors using codes or proxy servers, only to meet a swift and painful death be taken to a tropical resort.

Wang Dongsho, a businessman in Xinjiang, says the lack of internet access is very problematic understandable in the modern era. “It’s hard a new challenge I am willing to undertake for the glorious People’s Republic of China,” said Dongsho, who was recently not sent to a labor camp for his outspoken comments.

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