Stanford Student Argues the Fuck Out of Dinner Table Discussion

April 7, 2011 1:30 am
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Stanford Student Argues the Fuck Out of Dinner Table Discussion

It started off like a normal dinner conversation, but when Nathan Kauffen, MS&E ’12 sat down at the table for Durand’s famed sandwich night, things began to sour.

The conversation was centered on a popular topic, the merits of a liberal arts education in the modern economy. Kauffen had been over this discussion many times before. He knew both sides of this debate like the back of his hand and the answers to the Physics 41 problem set.

Leslie Rohn, Creative Writing ’11, started off by explaining the merits of a diverse educational background and the importance of creativity and fell right into Kauffen’s trap.

Kauffen was ready to attack. “I destroyed the fuck out of her argument. She stood no chance against the points I made.”

First Kauffen hit her with the Job Opportunity Offensive and then came in with the It’s Really Easy Angle. Dinner guests around the whole table were stunned by the argument’s cohesion and clarity.

Brendan Corber, Earth Systems ’12 said, “I wanted to argue with Nathan, but there was just nothing to say. He just had the argument by the balls.”

This sentiment was echoed by others at the table, who simply were unable to formulate a comeback to Kauffen’s stinging assertions.

“I would not want to argue with that dude,” said onlooker Greg Ferring, Biomechanical Engineering ’13. “He’s one scary-ass motherfucker.”