Student Ostracized For Throwing Garbage Into Compost Bin

November 2, 2009 1:46 am
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Student Ostracized For Throwing Garbage Into Compost Bin

RICKER DINING—In an effort to curb global warming and environmental degradation, students and dining officials across campus have implemented new policies to promote green living and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Specifically, dining halls across campus have encouraged students to recycle, to compost their food, and to abstain from meat, dairy, and trays.

Last week, Jeremy Hutchins forgot about the new environmentally friendly practices. As Hutchins was clearing his tray, he placed all of his waste in a bin for compostables—including items which should have been placed in a normal trash can. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” remarked Sarah Ferguson, witness to the event. “I mean, this is our planet. Only compost is allowed in the compost bin—our children’s lives depend on it. To see someone ignoring the rules—to see him placing everything into the compost bin—it just broke my heart.” 

Following the incident, Hutchins received several hostile glances from his peers and the solemn judgment of the dining staff. “I just didn’t know what to do—everyone was staring at me, so I just told everyone I was sorry and ran off, I didn’t even know what I’d done wrong until I received the angry emails. I’ll definitely never make the mistake again,” said Hutchins, when reflecting on the incident.