The recent drought has forced us all to make sacrifices, from dry fountains to feeling guilty about running the shower to cover the sound of you pooping. But the ordeal is still far from over. The absence of April showers is hitting the May flower industry hard. California, the largest exporter of May flowers in the Americas, is especially vulnerable. The Governor of California is already pushing emergency conservation measures, so that the limited supply of May flowers is only used where it is absolutely necessary.

A committee has been created and tasked with the unenviable job of deciding where May flowers should be permitted, and where to curtail the state’s rampant floral consumption. The government has promised that sick relatives will receive the floral arrangements they need, and Mother’s Day was allowed to continue, with slightly limited floral privileges.  The fate of springtime formal events still remain unclear, especially concerning wedding centerpieces and senior prom corsages.

And what do we make of the rumors that private companies have massive stockpiles of May flowers and they are creating a false sense of scarcity by restricting the market? The unmet demand for flowers may finally spur an investigation into companies that have long been suspected of price-fixing and collusion. Until these allegations can be proven, the people of California must make tough conservation decisions to make their May flower resources last.

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