Howdy everybody, Spotify Stan here with a fresh mix to get your love juices flowing this Valentine’s Day. And hey, this baby’s pulling double duty as both a V-Day and a P-Day song-bomb, no need to thank me. Also, lest we forget, it’s Black History Month, so I added a few tracks special for the occasion.

Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”: I dare you to find a better way to start a mixtape. I. DARE. YOU.

Toto – “Africa”: Because every lady needs some Toto in her life, and the nostalgia will really put her in the mood. After all, she definitely misses the rains down in Africa.

Kanye West – “Gold Digger”: An edgy start into the V-Day theme, I know, but I bet plenty of you guys get me. If your girl doesn’t like “Gold Digger,” she probably is one.

The Police – “Every Breath You Take”: Now that we’ve filtered out the lesser ladies, time to get a little tender with this romantic classic.

Radiohead – “Creep”: Let’s keep the love train a-rockin’!

Shaggy – “It Wasn’t Me”: Too mellow? Leave it to Shaggy to not only save the day, but the month as well. Respect.

The Presidents Of The United States Of America – “Lump”: “But Spotify Stan!” I hear you saying. “What about Presidents’ Day?!” Well, who better to help celebrate Presidents’ Day than the Presidents themselves?

Weird Al Yankovic – “Gump”: I don’t know about you guys, but every time I listen to “Lump” I gotta listen to the Weird Al version, “Gump,” right away. It’s all the little differences, y’know? Such sharp songwriting.

Alien Ant Farm – “Smooth Criminal”: Speaking of alternate versions, let’s get crazy with Alien Ant Farm’s take on a Michael classic. It’s almost sacrilegious (what with it being Black History Month and all), but there are days when I prefer this version over the original.

Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean”: But there are some gems that can’t be cut any cleaner, like “Billie Jean.” Plus, it’ll get your lady back in that special mood…

R. Kelly – “Bump N Grind”: …for a little “Bump N Grind.” This is the home stretch, fellas. Play this right, and you’ll go down on V-Day, but you won’t come up until the long weekend’s over.

Linkin Park – “Numb”: Boom. You’re fucking welcome, America.

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