ASSU Senate candidates Showly Wang and Rebecca Sachs are making their presence felt across campus in a campaign that has grown to epic proportions. “This is the biggest campaign I have ever seen!” said fellow candidate Jason Lupatkin. “And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of campaigns.”

Wang, who is Korean, is curiously not as big in the Asian community as she is in the African American community. Sachs, who has the reputation as someone who never drops the ball and who can carry the weight, is respected across all campus demographics. Wang has often been described as the leader of the two, often diving head first into sticky situations, while Sachs has always provided much needed support.

Although the two candidates are very different, as a pair, they have the ability to inject some sense into the ASSU. Many have begun to speculate that if Wang and Sachs are inserted into the Senate in April, nine months later, in January, we will see the birth of some very powerful legislation.

Others, however, are not so sure about Wang and Sachs. While Wang and Sachs are beloved by a majority of both men and women, a group of thespians has said that they are “grossed out” by the candidates. “We aren’t OPPOSED to Wang and Sachs being put in the Senate, we just have other ideas of what candidates should be allowed in,” said a thespian representative. This is a big blow for both Wang and Sachs since thespians have traditionally been huge fans of the Senate. However, it should be noted that Wang and Sachs have dealt with big blows before and come out better off. “We can be sure that Wang and Sachs will win the election,” said fellow candidate Bennett Siegel. “Everyone knows that the thespians are just being huge cock blocks.” (Hefter)

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