VANCOUVER—In a display of appreciation and support, the Special Olympics committee convened today to announce its ongoing support for the opportunities provided by the Winter Olympics. Tim Shriver, head of the 2010 Special Olympics explained, “We’re really excited for the opportunities provided to ‘normal’ people by the Winter Olympics. Though we take great pride in our event, we don’t think it’s fair to exclude individuals just because they’re not special. People with ‘normal’ capacities may not be as interesting as their special counterparts, but they’re not any less deserving of our attention and support.”

Shriver was not alone in expressing these thoughts. Across the country, individuals have been showing support for the Winter Olympics on a massive scale. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” exclaimed US bobseld Coach Brad Shayer. “Usually, people are drawn to those are who are special or extraordinary, to people who can inspire us with their life stories, but this time it seems like the world is making an effort to show the Winter participants that even though they are…‘normal’…they can still achieve amazing things.”

“I mean, just look at the bobsled race. Those guys have to stay in a sled for the entire race. It’s hard work for them—they have to remember to stay in the sled for the entire race—even if they get itchy or distracted. But they do it—they overcome their difficulties, they compete, and they have a great time. And the best thing—America’s team can stay in the sled longer than any team I’ve ever seen.”

Despite the world’s large show of support, not everyone is on board with the Winter Olympics. Darrel Frederickson, one of the event’s largest critics, explained why he won’t be tuning in to the games. “The Winter Olympics are just so slow. I understand that the competitors have fun, but it’s not right for us to string them along, pretending to be interested.”

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