Many Sober, Fully Clothed Students Trek to 680

After many harshly worded flyers from the Peer Health Educators (PHE), the Stanford student body has listened.

On Friday, May 15th, hundreds of boys and seven girls headed over to 680 Lomita for the annual and renowned Stanford tradition. However, because everyone was following the PHE advice, Exotic Erotic took an unexpected turn.

“The PHEs reminded us that there was no pressure to drink or get naked, so I didn’t,” said Freshman Ricky Ollen. “But neither did anyone else.”

Many fully clad and sober students milled about awkwardly, while several rebellious outcasts who had sipped a few drinks remained in the “social zone.”

After the event, many PHEs basked in their success. “Finally,” said the FloMo PHE. “I had this bad feeling they were just filtering out our emails.”

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