By Alicia Huffman, mother of Denise Huffman ‘11

If sharing a room with a member of the same sex is not your idea of acceptable college housing, beware. Oblivious parents like me haven’t realized that Stanford has been forcing our children to live in these horrific “gender-biased” rooms.

Our daughter and Stanford sophomore Denise Huffman lives in a gender-biased, one-room double in Western Lagunita. While she claims to be happy with her living situation, we know otherwise.

We sent her to Stanford expecting them to prepare her for the real world. This isn’t the real world. I share a room with my husband. She has siblings that are boys. Real world housing is not single sex. Why should Stanford keep their policies how they have always been without notifying us ahead of time?

Stanford told us that they would not change the situation for Denise unless she filed a complaint. Denise apparently enjoys living with another girl and claims to be “biffles with her roommate,” whatever that means. Outrageous. Is it not enough if I complain?

A ‘gender-biased’ housing arrangement is not morally acceptable. My hope in the future is to warn other parents about how Stanford is trying to corrupt our children. Beware.

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