Report: Weather Thing Different In Other Place

April 17, 2017 12:00 pm
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Report: Weather Thing Different In Other Place

STANFORD, CA – Scientists have studied weather things like snow, humidity, and tornados in a number of places. There is often no way of knowing whether these weather things vary in different geographical locations. In a groundbreaking report by a person who was born and raised in a different place from here, however, a key piece of this cosmic puzzle was finally uncovered.

“In North Carolina it rains way harder than here,” said Aaron Saben, the remarkably gifted junior who uncorked a new era for weather studies. “I mean this rain, it’s kind of heavy sometimes, I guess. But, hoo boy, have you ever been in a thunderstorm? That rain is…that rain is so heavy. Not like here, where it’s definitely much less heavy.”

Fortunately, Saben was only the beginning of the research on how things are different from other things in different places. Another freshman, Dana Williamson from New Hampshire, weighed in as well, saying, “Yeah we don’t get crazy rain where I’m from, but it does snow. A lot of snow. Very different from here. Do you ever see any snow here? I do not. But there I do.”

Difference. Similarity. And difference again. One by one we unravel the secrets of all of these things, and with each brilliant gem of knowledge our minds become richer.