Dear Yoürmôm,

I always feel so awkward at parties because I don’t know what to talk about.  Do you know any good jokes?


Maladroit in Munger


Dear Maladroit,

Yoürmôm know many joke.  They make joke book about me.  Is called “Yoürmôm Jôkes”.   They make fun of Yoürmôm because Yoürmôm works nights in stripping club.


Dear Yoürmôm,

I just don’t know how to break up with my boyfriend.  I want to let him down easy but he’s so clingy that I’m afraid I’ll crush him.


Fickle in FloMo


Dear Fickle,

Yoürmôm has lots of boyfriend because Yoürmôm is good in bed.


Dear Yoürmôm,

What should I do today?


Aimless in Arroyo


Dear Aimless,

You could go suck lots of the dick, that’s what Yoürmôm do.




Dear Yoürmôm,

I want to lose a few pounds but I can’t seem to find the willpower. What should I do?


Vain in Twain


Dear Vain,

Yoürmôm so fat.  No can help.


Dear Yoürmôm,

I feel like my best friend has changed a lot in the last few months.  She’s started hanging out with other people and we don’t have anything to talk about anymore. Is it worth staying friends?

Concerned in Crothers


Dear Concerned,

Yoürmôm has best friend, Yoürfâce.  Yoürfâce is ugly, but Yoürmôm loves anyway because Yoürmôm has low standards.

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