It’s finally happening.  In a few short days, you will be pulling up in a rental minivan to your Freshman dorm, where you will be greeted by neon-colored rally gear and welcomed into the Stanford community.  But before you are stripped of your “profro” status, you have to make sure you pack the Frosh essentials.  You wouldn’t want to be caught dead without the Flipside’s top ten must-haves!

Shower flip-flops

Consider investing in a nice pair of rubber flip-flops for the shower. Because the last thing you want is to have a bad ol’ case of “trench foot.”

A microwave + CostCo Membership

We are always surprised that the “dining hall” urban legend persists from year to year. Of course there are no food facilities on campus.

Sauna Pants™

Seriously, how could we write a list of essentials and NOT include Sauna Pants? Forgetting your Sauna Pantsat home is a classic frosh mistake to make! Don’t be that frosh. Don’t.

A beanbag chair

Because nothing says “I’m desperately trying to make friends” like bringing a beanbag chair to college.  Yep, desperation looks good on you.

27 tubes of Pringles per week

Don’t ask questions.

Plenty of wool socks

Perfect for those cold rainy days that Palo Alto is known for.

2 toothbrushes

With two toothbrushes, you can brush with both hands at the same time, thereby halving the time it takes to brush your teeth. Trust me – the numbers check out.

A record player and related accessories

If there’s one accessory that says “I am not a douche,” it’s a collection of vinyl records and a bunch of vintage French movie posters.

A litterbox

Given that California is experiencing a drought, all toilets on campus stop functioning after 8:30pm. After you do your business, you can go and bidet yourself with the sprinklers that water the asphalt walkways around campus every night. It’s funny that no one seems to tell people this.

A longboard

How else are you going to get laid?

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