With so many Stanford frats on probation, students have resorted to going to Paly parties on the weekend. “There are just no good options on campus,” said freshman Nicole Wynn. “Paly is just the place to be.”

Many students were seen heading over to Kyle’s dad’s house last saturday because his dad was on a business trip. Students pretended to be high schoolers by talking about the SAT and how excited they are to have just gotten their driver’s permit.

The market for fake Paly IDs has grown significantly over the past couple days. Stanford students are excited at the new option, but don’t think high school parties are gonna cut it long term.

“The frats better get off probation soon,” said sophomore partygoer Jason. “Beer pong rules there just aren’t strict enough at Paly parties. I saw blatant disregard of the elbow rule, and no respect for bouncebacks.”

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