An embarrassed and shocked freshmen male was reportedly asked if he was pregnant when he went to Vaden Health Center last week for a cold. The freshman, Jessie Stern, was mistaken for a girl due to his feminine name and long, flowing hair.

Vaden issued a press release this week that explained the importance of asking students if they are pregnant in all situations. The report stated that: “The FDA has now added the common cold and bronchitis to a new list of teenage pregnancy’s side effects.” The report concluded that it was therefore necessary to ask all students who are or “could be” females.

While Stern was not interested in commenting, other students on campus had mixed opinions of the question. Most thought that it was “an inconvenience” and “not scientifically grounded.” However, sophomore Sammy Wang said that she likes the question. “It makes me feel good that at least one person on campus thinks I am sexually active,” Wang said.

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