A recent study conducted by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency has found that mescaline is starting to replace Adderall and caffeine as the study drug of choice on some college campuses. Mescaline, a derivative of the peyote cactus, causes vivid hallucinations punctuated by projectile vomiting. The substance has been used by some Native American tribes as part of spiritual rites for many years. Some argue the drug provides clarity and facilitates creativity when working on a difficult problem or paper.

One student surveyed reported having been contacted by his spirit animal while working on a problem set. He said of the incident, “The words on the page rearranged in the shape of possum and it started talking. It told me the answer was 17 and also that my roommate is the reincarnation of Richard Nixon.”

Experts also note that there is a very real danger of becoming dependent on the drug and have already found several students who can not face the day, let alone attend class or study, without embarking on a spirit quest and tripping balls for up to 12 hours. (Doherty)

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