At this year’s Admit Weekend, the Stanford PoPo will patrol dorms with ProFros to prevent ProFro-RoHo hook ups. 
The PoPo has worked with the Head HoHos, HoHos and VoCos of FloMo, J-Ro and Arroyo. They also have trained them to answer questions about SoCo, O-Show and Lenovo.
Head HoHo Toto said, “We’re working extra hard to provide alternative activities like YoYos, PoGos, and watching Tony Romo.”
Current RoHo and former ProFro JoJo from Kyoto commented, “Yeah, I stayed in Soto last year.  I hooked up with some RoHo at the CoHo.  I think his name was BoBo, and he was so-so.  We got some FroYo afterwards. But no homo.”

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