In the next few days, Stanford University will be flooded with the newest fros from the class of 2014, and I couldn’t be more excited. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions claimed that these will be some of the most unique fros that have ever been seen on this campus.

Dean of Admissions Richard Shaw stated last week, “When I sent out the letters of admission, I could just picture the fros puffing up with pride and excitement. Within days, I was getting calls of thanks from parents who were happy that their hard work, nurturing and growing of the fros was finally going to pay off.”

After taking a preemptive look at some of the accomplishments of this year’s freshman class, Dean Julie commented, “Those are some sexy fros.”

With all of this built up excitement, I had to investigate. After stealing files from the admissions office, I learned the following:
• Over half of the fros were the number one fro in their high school class.
• More than 50 percent of the fros will be granted financial aid for upkeep, making Stanford the most generous supporter of fros in the United States.
• Stanford has a very diverse class of fros: there will be international fros, Jewish fros, African American fros, Native American fros and even Asian fros.
• Our athletic teams have recruited some of the biggest and best fros in the country, so the Pac-10 better be ready for Cardinal domination.

Thus, I feel that there is a large reason to be elated for Admit Weekend and the class of 2014.This incoming class shows a lot of promise, and I can’t wait to meet the fros that the Office of Admissions has picked.

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