In a bizarre continuation of the scandal that swept the campus just three years ago, it appears that the parents of Stanford imposter Azia Kim have been apprehended for falsely attending Parents Weekend. Authorities grew suspicious of the couple when a security guard witnessed Mr. Kim boosting Mrs. Kim into an open first floor window of Crothers Hall. After further investigation, it became clear that the duo was attempting to gain access into Provost Bravman’s Parent’s Weekend talk entitled “Finding a Balance at Stanford.”

Despite the fact that the couple was never issued the official lanyards given to all students’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kim had previously navigated Parent’s Weekend undetected. Visiting parents expressed concern over security flaws that could lead to such a mishap. Mary McDonnell, a mother of an undergraduate who interacted directly with Mrs. Kim, was particularly distraught. “To think that I participated in the same library tour with someone who I trusted to be a respected Stanford parent,” McDonnell stated, “and then find this out… it really scares me.” Although Stanford is not pressing charges, administrators are forcing the couple to return the decorative Stanford gear they received upon arrival, as well as the “Stanford Mom” shirt purchased by Mrs. Kim during the weekend.

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