As Obama celebrates the end of his first year in office, many have begun evaluating his performance. In a recent interview, President Obama gave himself a “solid B+” for his recent performance.

Obama cited partisanship, Congress’ slothfulness, and his teaching fellow as the barriers standing between him and a 4.0. “Really, it’s not my fault.  I had a horrible TF—it’s like he was just trying to give me B. And Glenn Beck, that obnoxious IHUM Kid, kept trying to make me look bad,” said Obama, trying to justify his grade.  The President fielded other questions regarding his academic record, including one about his deficient first quarter paper in economics. “I think my efforts were underappreciated. I spent hours poring through Marx and Alinsky trying to find the perfect policy, but when it comes down to it, I think it was the last president’s fault. I’m not going to name Bush, but it was definitely his fault, and I think everybody should know that. He was the one who ate my homework and left me with this mess.”

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