STANFORD–On the cool, misty morning of January 5th, the Stanford Bookstore kicked off the new quarter with its usual blockbuster sale. By 7:30 A.M., a full thirty minutes before opening, the 7% discount on required textbooks and course readers had attracted enough students to form a line that wrapped around the bookstore and extended toward Meyer Library.

“This sale is such a huge break for students,” enthused Elaine Inoden, a sophomore looking to find a fantastic deal on textbooks for her biology and chemistry classes. “Sales tax is 8.5% so with The Stanford Bookstore’s 7% off discount, I pay only slightly more than the price as marked!”

New students, like freshman George Bridges, have caught on fast as well. “The course reader for my IHUM, World History of Science, is priced at $143.75. With the 7% discount I pay just $145.90! You just can’t find deals like that online, no matter where you look!” Bridges gushed.

Course readers are updated yearly to preclude collusion with prior students, and since they are designed for specific Stanford classes, the bookstore is often the only option for a student wishing to acquire one. The Stanford Bookstore prides itself on its ability to furnish students with all of the texts they need at prices which often leave students with enough cash on hand to sample the Bookstore Café’s twenty-five cent coffee.

Mr. Ebenezer Fagin, the head of The Stanford Bookstore, provided some insight on the generous spirit of his storied institution. “We at the Bookstore always make the materials as affordable as possible,” said Mr. Fagin, fondling a jewel-encrusted pocket watch with one be-ringed finger. “I run this place like a non-profit. Sometimes I feel like we’re just giving the books away, but charity work is truly rewarding.” He casually slipped a quarter into the coin-operated copier next to his desk. The machine began to spit out photocopied pages from On The Origin of Species. Within seconds the title page had emerged from the magical box bearing the price tag–a very reasonable $158.50. With the 7% discount, a lucky student will be able to buy it for just $160.88. It’s wonderful to know that The Stanford Bookstore has everyone’s back here on campus. So students, go take advantage of the sale at the Bookstore while prices remain as reasonable as ever!

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