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So it’s summer again, and the CDC has released their annual list of 10 mind-blowing tips for maximizing your summer plans. Be sure to take their wealth of advice in deeply to optimize your experience.

Be Flexible—being flexible involves both unloosening of the body and mind. You may reach parts that you did not think were possible. Always seek to balance old tricks with new skills. They may come handy later on!

Explore and Find the Right Position—you’re here to soak in the ambience, the vibe, and everything else. Don’t settle with just one thing. Don’t feel constrained by the position you start with. Be down to find new ways to extend your capacity.

Teamwork —what’s the sound of one hand clapping? Instead of thinking about clappers, work with your partner to achieve the best result for everyone!

Don’t Demand Too Much—always be mindful and grateful for the experience you’re given. Make the best of it but don’t go in with expectations. You might just find a pleasant surprise!

Last Longer—majority of students underestimate the virtue of just being present and persistent. Commit to one thing if it works and change it up if it gets boring. Never stop halfway.

Take It All In—keep pushing yourself to the limit. Absorb as much as you can because that’s what you’re here for. Be involved and immersed in the moment and try to do something extra for him/her.

Savor Every Last Drop—time flies by quick. Leave room to enjoy yourself, relax and reflect, in between work.

Toys can be Fun—your personality comes through the little things that you bring with you. Being in a new environment can be unnerving. Show people that you’re a fun, outgoing person so they feel comfortable with you. However, toys by no means can replace your own effort. So be ready to put in work!

Take Lots of Pictures—leave with new skills and great memories. Have pictures to remind yourself of every step along the way. Be careful who you share your images and personal journey with.

Doggy Style is the best—yeah… I don’t know how to spin this one. It’s sex.

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