Subject Combines Study of Foreign Language With Math

In a move that showcases Stanford’s ever powerful ability to locate ties between disparate subject areas, Math has been merged with the foreign language department. “For a long time we imported Math professors simply to make math as hard as possible to learn,” said President John Hennessy, “you know…sink or swim education. When we realized students’ foreign language skills were actually improving as a result, we decided to make the move. It’s really the Stanford educational tradition at its best.”

Sophomore student Allison Portman didn’t quite know what to think on the first day of Math 51. Russian professor Alexsander Fima entered and said, “I like mayth. Let us talk about fucktorials.” “He likes meth?” wondered the confounded Allison, “And did he say fuck?”

Many students at Stanford have felt this sort of confusion on their first day of a new language, but math, as an interdisciplinary subject, will help students grasp the sciences as well as the nuances of strange foreign accents.

“I loved my first course in interdisciplinary math,” said an interdisciplinary math major Shri Veran. “There’s no better way to enhance your understanding of broken english. I’d highly recommend it.”

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