By Stanley Waters

This week, as students across campus are deciding which candidates they will support in the upcoming ASSU Senate Elections, many eyes are turned towards Student Wellness.

Althoguth Mr. Wellness has resisted guerrilla campaign tactics like many of his opponents, he has still garnered almost universal support. For supports of Senator Wellness, sickness is a thing of the past. He is running on a platform of happiness and contentment. “I was sick about the pool of candidates… but then i found out Student Wellness was running.” remarked Junior Thomas Rawls. Rawls’ ideas are consistent with most other students on campus. According to the most recent Stanford Poll, over 76% of Stanford Students support Wellness.

Though Student Wellness has been popular at Stanford for decades, the push for his presence is stronger now than ever before. This increase in popularity has been motivated largely by administrators at Stanford. While administrators and other university officials usually abstain from supporting candidates for the Senate, nearly all officials at Stanford, including professors and deans, have spoken in favor of Student Wellness, even creating a room in his honor.

In what is perhaps the most blatant form of favoritism, “The Wellness Room” has promoted the Student Wellness campaign for months. Additionally, various health centers on campus, including Vaden Health Center and the Sexual Health and Peer Resource Counseling all exist to “promote Student Wellness.”

These acts of institutional favoritism have caused some students to question Wellness’ loyalty. Nevertheless, the wide support of Student Wellness ensures that he will win the election. Furthermore, Wellness has already made progress in deconstructing the hostile, multi-partisan atmosphere in the ASSU Senate—Wellness is supported not only by the student body, but also by all of his opponents in the election.

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