In a habit critics describe as “putting all his eggs in one basket before they hatch,” local man Mal A. Prop, known for mixing metaphors, is killing two early birds of a feather with one rolling stone. “And that’s worth three, maybe four, flocking together in the bush,” added Prop.

Prop has his fair share of admirers, but also many critics, who advise others “not to judge a book by its new tricks.” Prop, to his credit, modestly claims that “you can’t have your cake and make it drink too,” though it is widely known by now that you can lead a gift horse to the other side, but the greener grass still won’t be a free lunch.

Every day, more people are joining Prop and adhering to his philosophy, hoping that knowledge is like father, like the powerful Roman sons do. In an age of increasing partisanship and polarized opinions, this new trend might once again prove that the pen is mightier than the squeaky wheel—though the exact outcome could fall, experts predict, on whether or not beauty is still in the eye of glass houses.

Still, a picture is worth breaking a few eggs, and as these events develop, you can be assured that the Flipside will be watching events like a hawk watches a never-boiling pot. Prop also claims that his skills are still developing, and that he aims to outdo himself every day. “I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds the broth, but it’s worth keeping in mind that practice makes too many cooks into another man’s treasure. After all, a penny saved breeds contempt, whereas two heads are always better than the weakest link.”

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