Hope everybody had a great time at Dance Marathon last Saturday, it seemed like a great event for a great cause. I just thought I’d pipe in and remind you that my similar dance event, Dan’s Marathon will be taking place this coming weekend. I’d love to see you there! Dan’s Marathon hopes to raise awareness about Dan (that’s me!), by inviting marathoners (that’s you!) over to my place. I don’t want to come off as biased, but I think it could be just as fun to spend the night dancing with me and some of my friends as it was to dance for 24 hours at Dance Marathon. Me and my friends are really good-natured people, and easy to talk to.

Dan’s Marathon will be held at my apartment, 473 Stanford Ave, near the CVS. It should be simple enough to get a carpool going, or you could even use uber pool. If you don’t have Uber I can refer you and then we both get $5 off our next ride. And some more good news: we will be ordering Dominos pizzas! Trust me, you’ll need the energy, because we’re going to be dancing. All. Night. Long. But careful not to disturb my neighbors Terry and Kate—really nice folks—they have a new baby and we don’t want to wake her up.

Stanford’s Dance Marathon is a 24 hour dance party put on to raise money for sick kids. My (Dan’s) marathon will also have lots of dancing! Mine is more of a fun-raiser than a fundraiser, though I would appreciate if you could chip in about a dollar if you eat the pizza. You can venmo me at the door if it’s not too much trouble. Not a requirement, but it would really help. Thanks so much. Hope to see you there! Again, not a big deal if you can’t make it. I know how tiring dancing can be, especially at such a fun and high-energy event like Dance Marathon that you all just went to last week. But you could find a new friend in Dan (me, Dan).

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