Reports are showing that panic has risen in a local rural village ever since the Robinson family arrived with large and fancy cameras. The people of the village are particularly worried that these cameras will allow the American tourists to steal the villagers’ intellectual property rights to images of themselves, a concern that has led to growing hostilities towards the Robinson family.
“These Americans come in here with their cameras,” said resident Alfred Jere, “And they say a bunch of things really fast, and next thing you know it, there’s a picture of you looking like a fucking idiot on the inside page of the New York Times, or National Geographic or whatever.”
Jere went on to say that really it was a matter of principle. “At the end of the day, the issue is that these random tourists are making big bucks off of our faces, and we don’t get to see a single penny. Moreover, we could even lose our rights to post pictures of ourselves on the Internet, which is a lousy trick to pull on someone.”


“I’m sure we could compromise if [the tourists] could just agree to license all of the photos under a Creative Commons noncommercial license. But until they do that, I just won’t feel comfortable with all of these cameras.

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