Multiple sources have confirmed that there is one student in the 1:30PM discussion section of the Rhetoric of Origami that really just monopolizes the conversation, as he is the sole student to consistently complete the assigned readings.

Students reportedly had identified the troublesome student Adam Thatcher in the 12 person section by week two of the quarter.

“Honestly, I was pretty sure he was going to be a pain in the ass from the beginning. When Adam came to even the first class so prepared, with the required readings already rented and a binder out, I knew it was game over,” Trevor Wu, another student in the discussion section said.

Thatcher not only comes to class prepared with the reading in a section that you definitely don’t have to do all the readings for, but also has been ready and willing to contribute to the discussion. In fact, he has often carried the conversation entirely, providing counterpoints to arguments he makes, and rebutting those. Other students shared similar sentiments, harboring resentment towards Thatcher.

“Like we get it, you clearly did the reading and have something to add. Honestly, the rest of the students don’t even need to be here and he could continue the discussion just fine.” Wu said. “Oh Jesus, he’s pulling out the optional additional reading. What the fuck, he printed it out, stapled it, and annotated?”

Highlighter-happy Thatcher apparently continued to add to the discussion long past the point in which it should have ended, stretching the material incredibly thin in order to further prove that he did the reading and has smart, insightful comments to add. In multiple cases, Thatcher even drew parallels to untranslated Japanese texts or discussed personal scenarios that are completely inapplicable to the rest of the group.

Unconfirmed reports also detail that as soon as Thatcher began to talk, the TA of the section mumbled quietly to herself, as she herself did not do the reading that week.

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