Physicists Fascinated by “Schrödinger’s Antisemitism” in SOCC Interview

April 20, 2015 12:01 pm
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Physicists Fascinated by “Schrödinger’s Antisemitism” in SOCC Interview

In an exciting week for quantum physicists and philosophers, a quantum superposition akin to the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment has been observed on the Stanford campus. In the original thought experiment, a cat hidden from the world is both dead and alive simultaneously. In the Students of Color Coalition’s (SOCC) interview of Molly Horwitz, an insensitive question may or may not have been asked, and the anti-Semitism hangs in a quantum superpositional flux.

Ms. Horwitz is convinced that the question was asked, and representatives from SOCC are just as certain that it was not. The only possibility remaining is that the question both was and was not asked simultaneously, making for a difficult arbitration by the University.

The Flipside spoke with quantum physicist Dr. Mueller of UCLA to shed some light on some quantum physics for us. “Schrödinger’s thoughts really opened our eyes up on these quantum physics,” said the bespectacled Mueller. “Previously, we had just been shooting cats without the box. Then we moved on to shooting cats in boxes. Now this anti-Semitic event. How could it be that the two parties observed such different things? Science tells us both must have occurred.”

With these fascinating quantum mechanics and both parties honestly reporting opposite realities, all that’s left to do is marvel at the mysterious ways of the universe.