Winter Quarter at Stanford is a hectic time, during which many students experience anxiety and isolation. But fear not! Stanford’s newest book club, Cardinal Reads, is here to help you lose those winter blues and reconnect with your peers. Come on in, grab a cronut, and join us in discussion of these and other timeless classics:

 Crime, Punishment, and Jokes: Here are some sample zingers from a mad Russian who also killed at comedy clubs in St. Petersburg.

– Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the guilt of his horrendous crime.

 – A pawnbroker, a prostitute, and a depressed former student walk into a bar. Then, they spend the last of their rubles on vodka instead of food even though they are starving.

 – How many Raskolnikovs does it take to change a light bulb? No idea, but can you help me get the blood off this ax?

A Good Pen is Hard to Find: This short story recounts the trials and tribulations of a student in search of a pen that actually has ink in it, so she can finally leave a post-it note for her roomie saying she left ice cream in the freezer.

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: A transcription of one sophomore’s gripping memoir of illness on the Farm. Some of the most emotionally evocative lines include, “I totally couldn’t breathe out of my nose,”  “Dude, Nyquil saved my life,” and “I was seriously dying.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Read the diary entries of Narnia self-op resident, Lucy Tumnus. No lions, witches, or wardrobes here, but plenty of drama when Lucy has to try and negotiate a weekend kitchen hashing schedule with her other housemates.

Also on the reading list: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to West Campus, Love in the Time of Norovirus, Do CS Majors Dream of Electric Sheep? and more! Don’t make this the winter of your discontent; join Cardinal Reads!


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