STANFORD, CA—This morning, the 16th Undergraduate Senate reached an agreement to vote for a third time on the resolution to divest from companies doing business in occupied Palestine in order to “break the tie” of their last two decisions with the “best two out of three” method.

This motion comes in the wake of last Tuesday, when the senate first re-voted on the bill, reversing its decision and passing the resolution with the required two-thirds majority.

Tuesday’s re-vote was called after two senators expressed their desire to change their votes, citing all the “people” present at the last vote who distracted them from thinking clearly.  “I just couldn’t focus on the will of my constituents with so many of my constituents in the room, telling me their will” one of the senators told the Flipside.

Some students are applauding the passing of the resolution, while others criticize the bill and the ASSU’s change of mind, citing the “no take backsies” clause of the ASSU Constitution.

This morning, the ASSU heard those criticisms and has announced to the student body that it will re-vote yet again on the divestment bill. In addition, another senator claimed, “we just weren’t happy with the amount of discord and tension the divest from Palestine debate had already caused on campus, and we felt we could best serve the student body by drawing this issue out for as long as possible.”

The ASSU re-re-vote is set to take place this coming Thursday at 7:30, deep beneath the steam tunnels under Tresidder, so as to be able to focus even better on the will of the students they are representing.

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