Due to university-wide scheduling complications, this year the African and African American Studies (AFRICAAM) course offerings have been limited to Winter Quarter. More specifically, the month of February. With only 28 days at their disposal (before losing weekends and another white dude’s birthday/holiday) the department staff are clamoring to shove the entirety of African American history, culture, and identity in their allotted month.

Following the example of national elementary school programs, the University registrar decided that all discussion of the plight black people have faced in America and all celebration of their culture should be concentrated into the duration of the shortest month of the year, foregoing the quarter system’s uniform ten-week structure. “This way,” reasoned a registrar employee, “we don’t have to constantly worry about working courses on African Americans into the rest of the schedule. Now we know we have our bases covered!”

Pending the success of this schedule, the registrar will consider ensuring coverage of other minority groups in such concentrated ways. Plans are in the works, for example, for a National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. The University is still struggling to find an appropriate time for the exploration of Asian American culture and currently has it scheduled for the summer session.

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