Maintaining sustainable dining halls on a college campus is a tricky business. After not-even-a-full-fall-quarter of minimal food-wasting and hard work, Stanford Dining has decided to celebrate their accomplishments by constructing a massive to-scale house out of candy and sweets.

“We got this giant shipment of desserts, and we were like ‘what do we do with it?’” reports a Stanford Dining spokesman. “We considered serving it to the students, allowing us to actually provide our services effectively without wasting tuition money. But instead we decided to use it to build a giant gingerbread house in Arrillaga Dining, which I think we can all agree is much, much cooler.

This new construction project in Arrillaga will benefit the whole student body with its festive décor and obstruction of the building’s primary exit. Further, critics of the project have complained that the gingerbread house’s roof has been tiled in the wrong direction, exactly the kind of mistake that seems innocuous at first but becomes unmistakable once it is pointed out, and continues to eat at you for the rest of your adult life. In response to these criticisms, Stanford Dining commented, “We feel confident we can keep the whole thing under wraps.”

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