Though the Stanford class of 2021 has been on the Farm for less than a month, freshman Grace Roberts is already acclimating quickly and has made herself at home with the local slang in an attempt to fit in.

“Look, I’m doing pretty well. I tell my friends back at home that Cali is hella sick,” Roberts said.

“When I first got to campus I was so confused, and I couldn’t figure out what people were talking about, like a log that’s dry but used to have water in it or something? But really, it only took me a week or two, and now I sound like a legit local.”

She concluded, “EOM.” 

Roberts was even heard debating the merits of CoHo over TAP to a fellow freshman, before stating that they could just go to “Wilbs.” She then ran off to catch her class with Mehran, muttering how “week 2” this was. 

“Stanny is so much fun. We had EANABs the other night! Do you know what those are?” Roberts questioned. “Oh my gosh, and Dunch, am I right? And Hoo Tow and fuzzies and AxeComm and Mem Aud and shipwreck-,” Roberts babbled as she faded off into a stream of Stanford-specific lingo.

As of press time, Roberts had yet to understand that she needed to specify what she meant when she referred to “Arrillaga.”

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