Sick of being pigeon-holed as just another girl with worldly knowledge, quick wit and business know-how, Julia Seymour has sought a change in her love life by joining the cast of ABC’s The Bachelor. “I feel really limited in this environment,” explained Seymour “I feel like it’s not challenging me anymore. It’s time to make myself truly vulnerable. Brains can only take you so far, you know.”

This season, twenty women fight for the attentions of Juan Pablo Galavis, the 32-year-old sexy Venezuela native.  Seymour hopes that Galavis will see more in her than the males who have reduced her worth to just her intricate knowledge of physics and mastery of three languages.

“For once, I want someone to look at me and see more than just a masters degree and an ability to have a real conversation about the state of the American economy,” Seymour told the Flipside in a private interview before Monday’s premiere. “It is time that someone had the decency to judge me on my hot body too; to see past my sparkling wit and really appreciate that I’m also damn sexy.”

Seeing this as her opportunity to find true, physical adoration, Seymour plans to jump head first into the Bachelor game and get the appreciation and respect that she has always deserved.  “I have more than just my brain and personality! I also have tits and they deserve to be recognized.”

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