Dear Graduating Senior,

My boyfriend says he doesn’t like it when I go with him to parties, because he feels like he can’t be himself. Is he being a jerk or am I being unreasonable?

Resentful in Roble

Dear Resentful,
I feel like my first frat party was just yesterday. Go to as many parties as you can! This time goes by so so fast. You’ll meet amazing people playing beer pong at Sigma Nu. Live. Love. Learn.

Dear Graduating Senior,

The conditions in our bathroom are disgusting. I’ve been putting notes up, but they make me feel passive-aggressive and they’re ineffective. How do I solve this problem without starting an open conflict with my dormmates?
Fed Up in Flomo

Dear Fed Up,
Man oh man, my freshman in year in Flomo- we had some crazy nights, before we learned our limits. But I’m older now, and wiser. And even though I don’t regret anything, I wonder… If I could do it all again, did I really make the most of my experience here? Is it all about drinking and partying? What have I learned? What did I miss out on?

Dear Graduating Senior,
I’m going to live in Mirielees this summer and I can’t cook worth a darn. What are some easy recipes I can learn to get by?
Malnourished in Mirielees

Dear Malnourished,
Hey, you’ll be in Mirielees this summer? Do you think I could maybe crash there sometime? Maybe if I get scared out in the real world, or if I… I… Oh god, what am I doing? I’ll never be this young again, and I’ve let it slip by! Have I ever even truly lived?! Twenty-two isn’t that old, right? I can still travel, still fall in love, still sail around the world, still… Hey! Maybe I can crash with you a lot, and go to class with you, and hey, maybe I could use your ID. I could be a student again! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME LEAVE!

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