In a surprising announcement, the organizers of V-Week, which raises awareness of violence against women by selling chocolate vaginas and asking men to think about women’s genitals for once, have decided to eschew the week’s central event, a staging of the famous play The Vagina Monologues, in favor of their own, new play, titled The Vagina Dialogues.

“We just felt that the original play is limited by its monologue structure,” said Dialogues producer Alexa Wallstone, as she adjusted a hot pink V-week button on her T-shirt, “and that the dialogues will better portray the realities of womanhood. I mean, a woman never goes to the bathroom at a party without a friend, and no play about women should disregard this natural truth about the female community.”

Angela Cabrera, the writer of the Dialogues, divulged a bit about the script to the Flipside.

“I don’t want to sound like a talking vagina,” she said, toying with the pencil behind her ear, “but there are some really brilliant scenes in there. The dialogue where one vagina accuses the other of falling in love with a douchebag is comedic gold.”

Tickets to The Vagina Dialogues are already sold out for all three nights. However, tickets are still available for The Vagina Soliloquies, StanShakes’ seventeenth-century style rewrite of the original Monologues.

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