Dude, what the heck? It’s like, so much colder than it was last year. I know I say this every year, but this time it really seems like it’s a lot colder. Stanford usually is pretty balmy in the winter, at least, that’s the way I remember it. It’s pretty nice in the spring too. And this fall was pretty good. But it seems like this winter the cold weather and rain just haven’t let up, and it just wasn’t like that last year. I remember last year that one time where it was really sunny and we all, like, went out to Wilbur Field and played frisbee in the middle of February. There were sunbathers and everything. In February. That hasn’t happened yet this year.

Something’s up, seriously. That’s why I chose Stanford over Harvard, because of like, the weather. It’s usually much warmer here than there. If global warming is real, you wouldn’t know it from this winter, because it’s been pretty darn cold. Last winter I had my windows open at night, because you could do that. I tried it this year, but it was so cold that I had to close them again.

I hope it doesn’t start raining. I’m pretty sure it didn’t rain much last year. I don’t have an umbrella, and I don’t like biking in the rain. It’s pretty miserable, and I have a class on the other side of campus at ten in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I looked up last year’s temperatures on weather.com, and they seemed pretty similar, but that can’t be right. It just seems so much colder this year. Maybe I should get a sweatshirt. I’m used to being able to wear t-shirts during the winter. This one time, we were out in Wilbur Field in February and I was able to wear a t-shirt. And this winter I tried to wear a t-shirt and it was really uncomfortable, especially when I was biking. This is bullshit.

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