Freshman overachiever Jessica Pan brought 14 pencils (4 Regular, 3 Mechanical, and 7 Colored) to her Math 51 Exam last Tuesday. “I wanted to be prepared for everything,” she said. “I just knew that I’d never forgive myself for not bringing the 14th if my first 13 broke or ran out of lead.”

Luckily, she only had to use 3 of them to successfully complete the exam. Her first one broke in half while furiously erasing what later turned out to actually be the right answer. She lost her second one when she put it down on her lap to think, only to forget it was there moments later.

Jessica managed to hold on to her third one for the remainder of the exam, though she was prepared for the worst. She also brought easy mac, a flashlight, and a portable tent for shelter. “You can never be too sure what’s going to happen,” she said. While some students may consider this excessive, Jessica takes pride in her preparation.

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