In the wake of the political firestorm surrounding allegations that Sarah Palin once had a tryst with former NBA star Glen Rice, tabloids are now abuzz with rumors that President Barack Obama may have had sex with a black woman.

The claims, which are supposedly backed by ‘reliable sources’ and ‘close friends’ of Obama, suggest that sexual encounters with the black woman may have begun as early as 1992. And, like Palin, Obama was married the very same year that the first encounter supposedly took place.

“If I were the President I would go into damage control right about now,” said CNN political strategist Audrey Cannon. “Even though Palin has a conservative base that would tend to frown more on that kind of thing, it certainly can’t be good for Obama that he is now accused of being the father of the black woman’s children.”

When confronted about whether any sexual acts took place in the White House, an Obama spokesman called the rumors “cheap fabrications, with lots of insinuations and no hard evidence.”

Although sources have yet to name the black woman in question, it is suspected that the information will be forthcoming, and hints have been dropped that she is ‘someone very close to the Obama family,’ making this a juicy piece of Capitol Hill gossip indeed.

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