Last week, the letter E testified before the Superior Court of Alphabet Affairs requesting a reveiw of the oft-cited spelling rule “I before E except after C.” In his eloquent closing remarks, E stated, “I just don’t beleive it’s fair that I almost always gets to stand in front of me, and I no longer have the pateince to wait around for C to show up. Just because I’m not I doesn’t mean I don’t weild any rights.” After a heated debate on the issue, the Court decided to overturn the established peice of spelling legislation. According to an official statement released by the Court, the decision was made in an attempt to “level the playing feild so that all letters can enjoy the same advantages.” After a long and successful day in court, E appeared releived and excited about the future. When asked about potential damage to his relationship with I, he responded, “We have to work closely very often, so I really hope that I and I can remain freinds.”

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