Here at the Flipside, we have gotten ahold of many of the secret cables obtained by WikiLeaks that have not yet been released. Throughout the week, we will slowly publish them as our editors see fit.

Today we will share several of the cables obtained about diplomatic messages from the Swedish government. After the leak, Sweden’s international image is better than ever. Here are a few clippings from the cables:

Swedish Diplomat about Moroccan King:

“Had a nice lunch with the Moroccan King this past Tuesday to discuss economies. The King was a pleasant man and the lunch was fantastic. I also gave him a box of chocolates.”

Swedish Diplomat about Italian Prime Minister:

“We discussed the implications of the recent economic crisis. Berlusconi is a beautiful man.”

Swedish Diplomat on Hillary Clinton:

“Hillary Clinton talked foreign policy with me over lunch. I didn’t understand most of her jokes, but her short blonde hair is magnificent.”

Swedish Diplomat on Movie Piracy:

“I know an excellent site that offers viewing opportunities of current movies for free!”

Swedish Diplomat on Kim Jong-Il:

“I carry no fondness for his aggression, but his adorably squishy face brightens my day.”

Swedish Diplomat on Drugs:

“Yes, I am.”

Swedish Diplomat on Osama bin Laden

“Tough nut to crack, but thoroughly enjoyed his sense of humor. Plays a mean game of poker and hide-and-go-seek.”

Swedish Ambassador on Djibouti:

“Just met with the ambassador from Djibouti. Quite a charming young lady, if you know what I mean.”

Swedish Diplomat on Yemen:

“Met with a prince from Yemen for breakfast. Brilliant young man, and quite well dressed. A gentleman and a scholar.”

(names have been left off for the safety of diplomats and translators)

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