Get ready, kids!  This summer, Disney Channel is pleased to bring you this year’s coolest new show, Dog With An Alt-Right Blog.  A spinoff of Dog With A Blog, this hit sitcom follows the cooky shenanigans of Lucky, the hilarious, talking golden retriever who’s determined to take down the liberal establishment one xenophobic blog post at a time! Wowzas!

Lucky has two goals in life: to play fetch every day and take back his country!  He loves to stick his tongue out the car window but will bark at any liberal snowflake cucks or people of color that he sees!  Lucky’s owner Aaron thought his biggest problem was his second mortgage—until he found out his dog could talk! And just when he thought that was his biggest problem, he discovered that his dog was unapologetically a white nationalist!  It all started one day when Lucky proudly announced at the dinner table that his last blog post revealing the worldwide Jewish media conspiracy to take down America had reached 2,000 hits!  Life IS ruff!

Dog With An Alt-Right Blog features all of Lucky’s classic pranks and shenanigans: refusing shake paw with minorities, barking slurs at dogs of foreign breeds, and more topics about the decline of his great country in the face of freeloading PC SJW crybabies! Make sure to check it out this coming summer, kiddos!

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