According to statistics complied from the thousands of leagues on, the once-dominant game of “fantasy” football has been losing popularity this year and is being replaced by the upstart “historical non-fiction” football format.
Fantasy Football popularity dominance was, for the most part, tied to the success of the Harry Potter novels and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.  Now that these stalwarts of the fantasy genre are well in the rear-view mirror, the appeal of fantasy football is in sharp decline.

“Its just no longer enjoyable for a bunch of guys to spend their Sundays sitting around, drinking brewskis, and watching their trolls battle against their buddy’s warlocks,” explains long-time fantasy football player and recent divorcee Ted Jones, “Its much more fun to choose from among the greatest figures in history and see them fight it out on the gridiron each and every week.”

Ted has reason to be enthusiastic.  Despite a midseason lower-leg injury to FDR, Ted’s team has played well in the final few games.  This past weekend, Ted’s “Team Bubonic Plague” crushed “Team Spanish Inquisition” due to strong performances from Attila the Hun, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Seabiscuit.  He is now on a two-game winning streak, after “Team French Military Strategy” forfeited to him the previous week.

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