Among concert pianists, Olympian athletes, and mathematical protégées, even the most exceptional hardly stand out among prospective students attending Stanford’s Admit Weekend.  Yet one ‘pro-fro’ this year stands out: the Messiah is considering a place in Stanford’s class of 2014 and has been spotted during this year’s Admit Weekend festivities.

Richard Shaw, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Stanford, was unable to comment on SAT scores and other considerations in the acceptance, citing confidentiality as well as privacy concerns.  He did however concede that, considering the resources and opportunities available to students at Stanford, the once-in-several-millennia decision seemed “only natural” and simply “the right thing to do.”  While he acknowledged that legacy may have been a consideration, Dean Shaw reassured that it was not a “determining factor.”

In a recent interview, the Messiah explained that he has been looking forward to the visit.  Although Lake Lagunita lacks water enough for a “casual stroll,” Stanford seems “more well rounded than most,” he explained.  Describing his academic interests as “diverse,” he remains on the fence between calling himself either ‘techie’ or ‘fuzzy.’  When asked his opinion of the claim that he was in part accepted through a policy of affirmative action, he merely stated that the school was “in no way lacking in gods.”

Campus reception of the news has been mixed but largely positive.  Members of Stanford’s French House have excitedly prepared kegs of water along with an assortment of cheeses in anticipation of the visit.

As the deadline for applicants to accept their offer of admission to Stanford nears, we’ll undoubtedly be waiting to hear whether, to Stanford at least, there’ll be a second coming in the fall.

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