STANFORD—Stanford University terminated its new card plan today after students spent approximately $35,000 on alcohol purchases. The card plan provided students with a $1000 line of credit.

Stanford upperclassmen recognized this loophole shortly after arriving on campus several weeks ago. One senior, who wishes to remain anonymous until his job interview Saturday explained why the card plan is so popular: “My parents can view my purchase history for my debit and credit cards. I figured that if I purchased beer on the Stanford Card my parents wouldn’t have to know I’m an alcoholic on the weekends.”

Keystone Light and Natural Light cans could be seen around campus early Sunday morning after a large night of partying on the row. SAE threw a massive party titled “Drinking Hard With Your With Your Stanford Card,” in which students had to show their SUID card to get in and to get beer.

University officials also took advantage of the opportunity and were too drunk to comment.

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