Axe and Palm Goes National

June 1, 2009 7:57 pm
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Axe and Palm Goes National

Steve Montell, Executive Director of Stanford Dining, announced on Monday that The Axe and Palm (TAP) would be embarking on a new business venture, and will be opening several franchise restaurants around the country.

Montell said that the idea to sell the TAP franchise came from the overwhelming support of the Stanford student body. He strongly believes that the greasy-chic menu offered by TAP will fill a very particular niche in the fast food market.

“No one makes a turkey burger and onion rings to satisfy the munchies like TAP,” Montell said.

Montell did mention that he is worried about TAP as a brand.

“We have decided to launch a new slogan to really get the name out there,” Montell said. “TAP this shit!” will be boldly printed underneath the awnings of satellite locations across the country.

One Stanford student expressed his excitement about the beginning of a TAP franchise.

“When I go home for Winter break, I get these intense cravings for Stanford food, especially those french fries that taste like wooden coffee stirrers,” said Zach Lagant ’12.

The first franchise is set to open this summer.