STANFORD, CA—Stanford students have always been at the forefront of new developments in every field, and the recent breakthroughs in drinking games have been no exception.

Three days ago, Electrical Engineering major Glenn Demitt ’10 and Physics PhD Huy Lin ’09 took drinking games to an entirely new level with their invention of “Drinking and Driving.”

“I think it was during my signal processing problem set that this came to me,” said Demitt. “The idea came in a flash of light and burst of creativity. I thought—we could turn driving into a drinking game. Imagine the possibilities.”

Considering the game is relatively new, Demitt and Lin have not completely finalized the rules, but here is the list as it currently stands.

1. Every time you see a yield sign, you drink.
2. Every time you go through a yellow light, the driver drinks.
3. Every time you see a railroad crossing, everyone in the car rotates clockwise.

“We were very conflicted about the railroad crossing rule,” said Lin. “And we decided that it was also in the best interests of the game and safety to remove the ‘Every time you see a work zone, you drive into it’ and ‘Every time you see a speed limit sign you take a shot’ rules.” He paused grudgingly, “It wasn’t easy though.”

The School of Engineering was proud once again of the very practical contribution its students have made to the real world, and can only hope for bigger and better things from Demitt and Lin in the future.

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