This week, the Hoover Institution announced its newest addition to its prestigious Hoover Fellows program, Twitter user @NotQAnon69. In a released statement, the institute said they were excited by his previous work “mobilizing voices, advancing conservative thought, and putting hundreds of libtard cucks in their rightful place on social media.” The Hoover Institution cited the anti-First Amendment silencing of Republican ideals that occurs on Stanford Campus, and voiced their support for @NotQAnon69’s vociferous leadership style.

The Flipside had an exclusive interview with @NotQAnon69, to hear his thoughts on his new position.

“I mean, I’m so honored. I think my last tweet, which was a picture of Greta Thunberg with the caption WAS SHE EVEN BORN IN THE US?, really got their attention,” said @NotQAnon69 over Twitter DM. “Wait. Are you fake news?”

We informed him we literally were fake news, to which he responded: “Well, at least you’re honest.”

The Flipside also secured an interview with Hoover Institute Director, and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on the new appointment. For some reason, Rice was soaked in oil at the beginning of the interview.

“Sorry about all this oil, oh, god there’s so much of it – anyways, yes, the new fellow – one second let me get this oil off me,” said Rice, as oil began to slowly secrete from her skin and drip down into her mouth. “Glugbaludfhbalarblabaragbabughwaaugh.”

The Hoover Insitute has made this hire in response to calls in a faculty meeting for a return to the “realm of fact, science, and good faith argumentation.” Employees praise @NotQAnon6’s ideas on Jews and space lasers as directly in line with these requests.

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